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Residential Thermostat

A residential thermostat is mission control for your HVAC system. When the system is working properly we hardly notice the unit on the wall. However, the residential thermostat can be the cause of higher heating and cooling bills.

New residential thermostat technology, including digital, have been proven to regulate temperatures in a home more accurately then older technologies. To find the right fit for your residence, consult your local home improvement store.

Another option is the NV Energy Smart Thermostat program. It’s typically a free program with installation. Find out more information here.

Regular Maintenance

Heating and cooling problems in residential homes can usually be avoided. Regular maintenance of an HVAC unit reduces wear and tear. It also allows a technician to identify problems before they cause major damage. Using basically the same components for heating as it does cooling the fan simply reveres to circulate warm air. Working almost 365 days a year, your unit will become fatigued.

If you like the home remedy, changing air filters is the easiest for of maintenance. Allowing air to easily flow keeps the system from getting overworked. Change them as recommended by the manufacturer of your preferred filter.

VIP Maintenance Plan

With a Superior Heating & Air VIP Maintenance Plan, regular services are performed to keep each unit running smoothly. In addition, we also perform regular plumbing inspections while in your home. It’s a level of service to give each customer peace of mind.

For questions about our VIP Maintenance Memberships or to schedule an appointment, call Superior Heating & Air at (702) 324-7597 today.

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*Neither Superior Heating & Air or Superior Plumbing & Drain are directly affiliated with NV Energy or the Smart Thermostat Program.