supac_001 A t Superior Heating & Air, we carry a full line of parts allowing us to repair and install all makes and models of condensing units and air conditioning systems throughout the Henderson and Las Vegas Valley. We can maintain and repair your existing system or completely replace it. Replacing a 15 year old + system is the most cost effective solution because it will save as much as 55% on electric bills. We service and install: attic central air conditioning systems, add-on AC systems, ductless systems, air handlers, condensing units, and compressors.

Specializing in energy efficient, residential and commercial air conditioner replacement, Superior Heating & Air, LLC is dedicated to keeping your desert climate control working efficiently. No job is too big or small, and we deliver 100% customer satisfaction on every project. We offer a wide selection of air conditioner models at affordable prices to meet your AC installation needs.


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    Chris was really helpful in getting my A/C back to normal quickly!  He found a small leak and was able to fix it quickly and inexpensively.
L as Vegas and Henderson area homeowners expect a lot from their central air conditioners. What was the best equipment 10 years ago is easily overshadowed by modern, more efficient A/C and heat pump systems. When upgrading an air conditioner or heat pump, work with a certified Superior Heating & Air technician to plan around four important factors.


Your desert-area home’s aging outside A/C unit may need replacement much earlier than the indoor component, since it’s exposed to the elements. This leads to the temptation to replace only the outside condensing unit, leaving its still operating evaporator/air handler inside. This may be the right move, but talk to us at Superior HeaToo hot,need ACting & Air first, because this short-term savings can lead to long-term regret. Indoor and outdoor units work the best when they’re matched with regard to their cooling efficiency ratings and refrigerant. Often, the indoor and outdoor components of an A/C or heat pump won’t work together at all if the compatibility issues are serious enough.
A wiser choice, though more expensive up front, when upgrading an air conditioner or heat pump is to replace the entire system. This removes doubt and will actually lengthen the life of both outdoor condenser and the indoor air-handling unit. Moreover, the issue of refrigerant compatibility may be the guiding force in reaching a decision on replacing one or both units.


The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) publishes Manual J, the only reliable way for an HVAC technician to calculate the cooling load for your Sarasota area home. Going by the size of the old system (5-ton, 4-ton, or whatever it may be) when upgrading an A/C or heat pump is not valid due to improvements in energy efficiency and cooling power in the last decade.

Choosing to oversize the A/C or heat pump will cause some unpleasant effects:

  • Your home will feel humid
  • You will feel strong, cold blasts of air
  • Your equipment may short-cycle (start and stop frequently)
  • Your new equipment may fail frequently, necessitating expensive repairs


Today’s modern central air conditioners are significantly more efficient than old models. Part of this is due to the federal push for American energy independence and a drive to reduce greenhouse gases. The federal Energy Star program mandates that the models you look at when upgrading an air conditioner have, at minimum, a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 13. This is easily obtainable, but models exist up to SEER 24.5. The higher the SEER value, the more money you will save on lower energy bills. You will conserve natural resources and lower atmosphere-fouling emissions.


At Superior Heating & Aire, we will calculate your cooling load, sizing and ductwork which is part of our conscientious installation. This means attention to details like:

  • Rebuilding or redirecting ductwork as needed by Manual D
  • Installing the interior unit to provide easy access for servicing
  • Installing an access door to reach the evaporator coil
  • Insulating any ductwork that must run through your home’s attic
  • Recommending and installing programmable thermostats in at least two zones
  • Locating the outdoor condenser unit to minimize noise and vibration for you and your neighbors
  • Ensuring adequate airflow into the outdoor condensing unit
  • Securing your outdoor unit against theft
  • Double-checking the refrigerant charge and airflow rates to meet manufacturer’s specifications